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Insurance Breastpumps

Are you pregnant or currently nursing a child less than one year old?

Are you insured through Blue Cross and Blue Shield?

Are you a resident of Alabama?

If you answered yes to all three questions, you may be eligible to receive a double electric breast pump covered by your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

The Affordable Health Care Act contains a provision that requires health insurance providers to cover the cost of breast pumps for new mothers. Although a few policies have remained exempt from this requirement, the majority of women are able to take advantage of this benefit. Babytalk Store is a preferred provider for breast pumps through Blue Cross and Blue Shield. We may be able to provide you with a double electric breast pump with no out-of-pocket cost under the Affordable Health Care Act depending on your policy coverage.

If you are interested in obtaining a breast pump, feel free to contact Babytalk Store at (205)333-1594, email us at [email protected] To begin the process, we will need the following information:
          • Your full name
          • Your birthdate
          • Your due date
          • Your contract number (found on the front of your insurance card)
          • Your phone number

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything when I visit the store?
 Yes. When you visit the store, we will need a copy of your insurance card, a copy of your driver's license, and a prescription from your doctor for a breast pump.

Why do I need a prescription from my doctor in order to file my claim for a breast pump?
When we file a claim, we need to have evidence on file of medical relevance for a breast pump. In other words, we are required to show that we are only giving breast pumps to new or expecting mothers who have an actual need for a breast pump.

I do not live in the Tuscaloosa County area. Can you ship my breast pump to me?
Yes, Babytalk Store can ship insurance breast pumps anywhere within the state of Alabama at no charge to you.

Do I get a choice of pumps?
Yes, we have a variety of pumps our moms can chose from. We allow moms to upgrade to a more expensive pump if they choose and pay the difference out of pocket. Our most popular insurance pump is the Spectra S2. It is a double electric hospital grade motor pump. If you are not familiar with this pump, we suggest our moms to Google the pump -- moms really like it!

I am a resident of Alabama, but my BCBS insurance is out-of-state. Can I still file for a breast pump with Babytalk Store?
Babytalk Store can file claims for any woman who has health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of any state AND live in the state of Alabama.

Example: You live in Alabama, but you have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas (or of any other state). This generally happens when you or your spouse work for a company that has offices in Alabama, but whose corporate headquarters are in another state.

I am a resident of Alabama, but I do not have BCBS. Can I still file for a breast pump with Babytalk Store?
Unfortunately, we can ONLY file for Blue Cross Blue Shield. We suggest that you call the  number located on the back of your insurance card to locate the proper provider.

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