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Spectra Breastshield Set | 28 mm Large
Spectra Baby 28mm (Large) Breastshield Set

Spectra Breastshield Set | 28 mm Large

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Part Number:SPMM012319
The Spectra 28mm Breastshield Set contains all the replacement parts needed to use your Spectra S1+, S2+, or 9+, including their large size breastshield.  Just make sure you also have your power cord or recharger.   If you have the Spectra S1+ or Spectra S2+ you will have received both the 24mm and 28mm breastshields with your original pump purchase.  If you found the larger shields (or flanges) to be more comfortable, then this is the right set for you.

Spectra recommends replacing your parts every 3-6 months for optimal use. If you need a full set of replacement parts or want to have an extra set on hand for home or work this kit is for you.
We also sell all these parts individually.

The pump should be very comfortable to use, and you should feel as though you are emptying the milk from the breasts.  If that is not the case you may need a different size breastshield. 
If the nipple is not being pulled down into the 28mm breastshield, you might want to try a smaller size.  The next size down is the 24mm flange.  All new Spectra pumps include a pair of 24mm flanges..  If that size was too big you can purchase a Medela breastshield insert and it will bring your 24mm down to a 21mm size flange. This is the smallest option available that we know about. 
Spectra does not make a small size right now.
If the 28mm breastshield feels too tight Spectra does make a  32mm size.
If you have questions it is always a good idea to consult a lactation consultant.

Spectra 28mm Breast Pump Replacement Parts Set includes:
-28mm wide neck flange (1)
-Back flow Protector (1)
-Duckbill valve (1)
-Tube (1)

For S2, S1, S9, and M1 pumps.

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