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9V Wall Charging Adapter for 9Plus Breast Pump | Spectra
This charger is designed for use with Spectra 9Plus breast pumps.

9V Wall Charging Adapter for 9Plus Breast Pump | Spectra

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Part Number:SPMM60126

This 9-Volt AC Power Adapter is a replacement part for use with the Spectra S9Plus breast pump. It is compatible with US outlets. This plug has detachable prongs. Leave plugged in for only the length of time it takes to fully recharge the pump.  That maybe about two to three hours.  Do not charge the pump overnight, as that can damage the battery.

If you are going to another country, our S9Plus is an international voltage compatible at 100-240 Volts and 50/60Hz, so you would only need the plug converter for the country you are going to.

The output for the S9Plus breast pumps is 9V, 1.4A.

Important Note: This power adapter is only compatible with pumps that have a manufacturing date of 02/2015 and onward. If you are not sure whether this adapter will be suitable for you or you would like us to double check, please send an email to the manufacturer at [email protected] containing your breast pump serial number and we can advise.

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