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One Medela yellow valve and white membrane
One Medela yellow valve and white membrane

One Yellow Valve with White Membrane | Medela

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Most Medela breastpumps use the yellow valve and white membrane unit.  It attaches to the base of the breastshield, located inside the collection bottle.  The yellow valve holds the white membrane in place. They provide a filter, and are an integral part of the suction apparatus.  A single side pump would only require one yellow valve and white membrane, but for a double pump you would want two yellow valves and white membranes. 
When using the pump you should be able to see the white membrane move in a flapping type movement. 
After each pumping session the yellow valve and white membrane should be removed from the breastshield. The white membrane should then be removed from the yellow valve and each cleaned separately. This prevents debris from being caught behind the white membrane and also prevents the white membrane from sticking, which can lead to decreased suction.
The white membrane can get torn, or with age, can start to curl.  If you are aware of either of these situations happening it is time to replace the white membranes.  Using a broken membrane, or one that is not sealing well to the yellow valve, can result in loss of pump suction.
The yellow valves and white membranes are available in a larger set, containing two units.  The valve and membrane can also be purchased individually. 

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