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Small (21 mm) PersonalFit Breastshields | Medela

Small (21 mm) PersonalFit Breastshields | Medela

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Medela PersonalFit Breastshields are designed to accommodate different nipple sizes. They are available in five different sizes, allowing mothers to choose exactly the right breastshield size for them to ensure maximum comfort and output whilst expressing milk.  Pumping should be comfortable!

How do you know which size breastshields to order?

For most moms, the size that came with your Medela breastpump was the medium (24 mm) but you can verify your current size by looking at the outside of the flange and searching for small, raised text that will read the size. Based off of the current sizing, you can adjust your needs by going down or up. 

Size Up if you have large nipples and they rub against the inside of the shield when you pump causing some discomfort (and maybe even incomplete emptying of the breast) and if pumping is actually painful to the nipple it may be time to go up a couple of sizes. 

Size Down if the nipple is not pulled down into the breastshield tube when pumping.

Using a breastshield that is the wrong size for you can lead to decreased milk production.  If you are not sure about breastshield size, you may want to consult a Lactation Consultant at your local hospital.

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